Markus Zoffman entered the company as a layman in 1993. Excited by the craftsmanship and Anthroposophical background. Markus immersed himself in the techniques found in Färgbygge’s small factory. Work soon became a passion and an idea started to grow.

What if we could make this small niche paint available, on a broader scale? As a painter himself Markus had seen the problems connected to painting due to strong chemicals in paint. As a painter and a father, he had strong family values and a bond with nature. A few years later the older generation asked Markus to step up. Was he ready to take over the company?

His dream went from vision into hard work. Markus was not only the manager. He often worked on the factory floor with his sleeves rolled up. Immersing himself in the technology of paint. Would it be possible to turn an exclusive niche paint into something that could be sold to everyone? Would it be possible to change the way we manufacture paint in Sweden? To change people’s thoughts about paint like we have done with organic food?

The small team worked long hours, week in week out. Years passed. Testing and trying out new techniques and raw materials. And one day they had finally developed a series of paint that was industrially viable. The paint was slightly more expensive than ordinary paint. But with high quality ingredients kept as pure as possible, there are no shortcuts.

Several reference projects lead to a series of awards and recognition. Färgbygge was ready to transform paint for the few to the many. Markus secured a national distribution contract with Colorama. At last, eco-paint was going to be available to anyone, the length and breadth of Sweden.

But there was a problem, as it turned out, the paint industry. In the summer of 2017 a law suit against Färgbygge was handed in to the court, just before the summer holiday. The claim put up by the paint industry attacked Färgbygge’s use of words in marketing describing the paint and its ingredients.

We welcome transparency, for every single component in our eco-paint. Färgbygge, what is in the tin is on the tin. But perhaps the law suit can lead to the whole paint industry opening up to transparency about paint ingredients? Or is it simply a means to exert pressure on the small player, by the big guys in the industry?

Regardless, we will stay true to our mission - only natural ingredients in our paint and full transparency about what we put in it. Simply ask us and we will answer.

This also means that we need your support. Do you believe that eco-paint is better for your family, your children in infant schools, elderlies in nursing homes, the painters working with and affected by paint every day, for the environment?

If you believe in our vision for a brighter future – now is the time to spread the word about a very special paint. To tell the story about an eco-paint that is good for you, your family, the painter and the planet.